Pay it forward voucher scheme available to everyone during South Africa’s Lockdown


Plan ahead and save money for you next vacation

They make a wonderful gift for a special occasion

Available to SA and Foreign Guests

No restrictions on dates apart from Christmas and New Years

No worrying about cancellation or postponing  

Valid for 2 Years

Payment is easy with Mobipaid international

Available to tour operators and travel agents for resale

Limited Nights available so purchase now so not to miss out

How it works


As we are on Lockdown, no form of travel is allowed and that is not good for us or our guests.

So we decided to create a pay it forward voucher scheme that will enable us to keep our staff and lodge completely operational.

It is very simple you buy accommodation that can be used in the future. The incentive to do this is the massive saving you will make on your stay. 

You also don’t have to worry about postponing your booking as you only use your voucher when restrictions are lifted and you are ready to take that well earned break.

The voucher is valid for two years and can be used on any dates apart from Christmas and New Years. 

The Process is simple just complete the form below for the number of vouchers you require.

You can use the voucher yourself or give it so someone as a gift. What a wonderful wedding, birthday, retirement or for any reason gift.

For tour operators and travel agents these vouchers can be redeemed against your bookings with us over the next two years so what an amazing return on investment compared to the normal STO rates.

Vouchers can be purchased by South African and foreign guests.

Payment is very simple as once we receive your completed application form for  vouchers we generate an invoice through our international Mobipaid payment gateway and you can make payment with your credit card. You can also make payment by EFT.

Look at the amazing savings you will make when you buy your pay it forward vouchers based on 40% discount. 


Room OnlyBed & BreakfastDinner, Bed & Breakfast
Singlewas R 1400
save R 560
now R 840
was R 1520
save R 608
now R 912
was R 1800
save R 720
now R 1080
2 Adults Sharingwas R 1800
save R 720
now R 1080
was R 2040
save R 816
now R 1224
was R 2600
save R 1040
now R 1560
3 Adults Sharingwas R 2500
save R 1000
now R 1500
was R 2860
save R 1144
now R 1716
was R 3700
save R 1480
now R 2220
2 adults, one child
was R 2205
save R 882
now R 1323
was R 2505
save R 1002
now R 1503
was R 3245
save R 1298
now R 1947
2 adults, two
children 0-11yrs
was R 2610
save R 1044
now R 1566
was R 2970
save R 1188
now R 1782
was R 3890
save R 1556
now R 2334
2 adults, one child 12-17yrswas R 2385
save R 954
now R 1431
was R 2705
save R 1082
now R 1623
was R 3485
save R 1394
now R 2091
2 adults, two children 12-17yrswas R 2970
save R 1188
now R 1782
was R 3370
save R 1348
now R 2022
was R 4370
save R 1748
now R 2622
2 adults, one child 0-11yrs, one child 12-17yrswas R 2790
save R 1116
now R 1674
was R 3170
save R 1268
now R 1902
was R 4130
save R 1652
now R 2478

Pay it forward Voucher application form

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